Industrial Chillers

Industrial chillers find applications across a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial operations, where they play a crucial role in cooling large-scale machinery and equipment to ensure optimal performance. Various types of industrial chillers are available, including air-cooled, water-cooled, and evaporative cooling systems. With proper planning and adequate maintenance, industrial chillers from Wilest Energy Solutions Ltd can deliver reliable cooling for several years.

Product Specification

Fully hermetic scroll compressor

The fully hermetically sealed refrigerant compressor employed by Wilest Energy Solutions Ltd prevents refrigerant gas leakage and requires zero maintenance. The phase sequence relay eliminates the risk of compressor failure in the event of a changing power supply. Copper-brazed plate evaporator The compact and lightweight design of the copper-brazed plate heat exchanger ensures high reliability and the ability to withstand long-term temperature loads.

Stainless steel components

Wilest Energy Solutions Ltd utilizes stainless steel for the storage tank and hydraulic parts of the centrifugal pumps, which are factory-installed and tested. This prevents process water contamination with rust particles and enhances reliability and temperature control.

Reliable Cooling

The units are air-cooled with cost-effective on/off regulation axial fans as part of the standard scope of supply. These fans are simple and robust, contributing to an increased lifetime. Fan speed regulation options (phase-cut and EC fans) are available, allowing operation in lower ambient temperatures.

State-of-the-art microchannel condensers

The coated simple all-aluminum microchannel design is lightweight and crafted to provide a long life period without corrosion. This unique design results in a 30 percent reduction in refrigerant charge compared to other standard types of heat exchangers, making them more environmentally friendly and reducing maintenance costs.

Safety Devices for Trouble-free Operation

Wilest Energy Solutions Ltd incorporates a wide range of safety devices in their chillers, including flow and level switches, thermal probes, pressure probes, crankcase heating, and strainers. This ensures secure chiller operation. The controller, consolidating all chiller sensors into one system, issues timely warnings in case of deviations from standard operating parameters.

Robust and Sound-Attenuated Canopy Design

The IP54 rated canopy design with a galvanized steel structure, painted with epoxy-polyester powder, enables the use of Wilest Energy Solutions Ltd chillers indoors and outdoors, even in ambient temperatures down to -50°F without additional protection. The sound-attenuated canopy also reduces noise levels, facilitating chiller installation in a normal working environment.

Ease of Maintenance

The unit is designed for easy access to the installed components. The wide canopy doors and thoughtful layout reduce maintenance time and allow for easy inspection to prevent breakdowns.

Trouble-free Installation

Wilest Energy Solutions Ltd chillers are fully assembled and tested in our factory, providing a ready-to-use package with easy “Plug and Play” connections for quick and trouble-free installation.

Contact us today, and we will customize your chiller according to your needs.