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Our Vision and Mission

What drives us

Our Vision

Be the best in the market through dedicated pursuit of excellence service provision with a goal of becoming the best boiler plant and steam distribution contractors, through provision of quality and cost effective services.

Our Mission

Group aspiration to become the best in providing our clients with efficient, cost effective advice on plant management 

Meet the CEO

Eng. Willam Murigu

William is a graduate engineer, with Bsc Agricultural Engineering and Msc Agricultural Processing Engineering. He has worked in the field of factory energy production and solutions since 2014. In his career he has been involved in many projects in Dairy sector, Hospitals, Institutions, Hospitality sector to Design, Install, Testing and commissioning of big projects.


A leader in Energy Solutions

Innovation and development have been the keys to our success since date we began. Not only are our current solutions energy-efficient, many have small footprints and multiple installation and control options, and all products are designed and manufactured for the needs of Kenya and East African markets

Our Value Strategy

At Wilest Energy Solutions Limited, quality is paramount as we aim at satisfying and even exceeding our clients’ expectations.
Integrity is not just a moral issue; it is a sound business practice and dealing with the utmost integrity with all stakeholders including; suppliers, customers, government institutions, our staff, and the community in an inviolable corporate principle.
 An obsessive focus on quality is one of the most important atiributes in building a competitive advantage

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